Methods and Techniques

The methods behind Path of The Goddess are based off the Holistic Clearing Method; a method Tamika developed herself after 14 years of professional and personal and soul development, as well as ancient feminine wisdom.

Tamika was originally trained in the health and fitness industry as a Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer. From there qualified in NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline therapy, Life Coaching, Hypnobirthing, Prenatal Psychology, Medical Intuition, Genome Healing, Kundalini Reiki, The Liquid Crystals, and The Art of Feminine Presence. She went on to explore metaphysics and ancient sacred feminine arts and this program is a culmination of all she has learned and experienced thus far. You can read more about her journey and qualifications here.

Each day is a series of guided processes to bring to the surface the hidden psychic/emotional/mental/energetic wounds of your childhood, ancestral and prenatal beginnings, and then help to clear them. There are embodiment practices, sacred feminine practices, emotional release, intuitive movement, breath work, soul voice, meditation, journalling, teachings, questions and answers, self-enquiry, ceremony, partner and group work and circle sharing.

The practices you learn are simple yet profound methods which you can then take home and use for life as you continue in this path of self-enquiry, healing and soul embodiment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that your soul; a spark of Divine Love, contains the blueprint for your life’s purpose, as well as your natural born talents, gifts and potential. The more layers of programming and wounding we release, the more we are able to feel and connect with our true self; our soul.

The more we connect to our soul, the more we know our truth and purpose in life. Life becomes clear. Answers become known and empowerment and self-love develop.

We know that you already have all the answers within you. However it’s fear and other wounds preventing you from connecting to and expressing your intuitive knowing. The more you embark on this pathway, the more you will awaken your intuition and internal wisdom and align to your soul’s truth and pathway.

It’s also these same blocks that prevent you from creating what it is your heart desires. These blocks will attract into your life similar situations and patterns for you to experience until you learn the lesson and clear that block. It’s one way our soul grows; through challenges. Through our method, we will help you delve into the root cause rather than just deal with symptoms. It is for this reason our approach is quite transformational as we support you in healing the cause.

In addition, these blocks create internal voids that we try to fill with external means such as food and other addictions, busy-ness, work, relationships and external validation, power, status and other external distractions. Often it is these external distractions that become a problem, however, these are only the surface layer; the symptom. As we delve deeper into the cause, you’ll find a wound, or a part of your inner child that needs to be seen, heard and loved.

Through this internal process of unconditional self-love, you develop and heal the relationship with your self, your inner child and other aspects of your self. As this relationship improves, all other relationships improve.

As you learn to love yourself, and heal these deeper wounds, your ability to give and receive love increases, positively affecting all relationships. So this work, although it’s centred on your inward journey, will positively ripple outwards into all areas of your life from relationships to money and career, supporting you in living in alignment to your soul’s truth and pathway.

A Safe Space

The space created is both safe and sacred. Most women share with us how safe, held and loved they feel through the journey and have not experienced that kind of unconditional and accepting space before. It’s natural to arrive feeing unsure and a little anxious however you’ll leave as a sisterhood; bonded with all the other like-minded women who, despite differences in age and culture, all feel fairly similarly to you!

Most of us weren’t brought up being fully seen and loved in the ways we needed, nor had the space held for us to share and express all that we felt. So we often hold many suppressed aspects that are craving to be seen, heard and loved. Therefore it is our intention to provide a safe space for you to fully explore, feel and release all that will arise. The healing that can occur from this program is profound.


The common issue I see women face is their low self-worth, and this is the key for you when it comes to creating the life or love you desire and deserve. This work will support you in putting yourself first, learning to listen deeply to your needs and learning how to honour them. We assist you in healing the cause of your low self-worth issues, to shed the past, and to move forward with confidence, self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth. This leads to you making positive and empowered choices that support you in creating the life you desire. Letting go of what no longer serves you becomes easy, saying ‘no’ becomes easy and this allows you to say ‘yes’ to what you desire and to create that instead.


Perhaps you have done much personal development and healing work already, yet still have not achieved your desired outcome. I know that was the case for me. I had close to a decade worth of personal and spiritual development work and was qualified in many modalities however was not able to heal fully, and find wholeness until I began this work.

I had seen many coaches and healers, read many books, tried so many things and nothing was able to get deep enough to heal the trauma i carried. This work reconnected me to back to my body and thus back to my feelings so that i was able to process my past and eventually let it go to find freedom and happiness.

The Path of The Goddess is a healing pathway designed to be the final piece of the puzzle for you as a woman so that you may end the healing cycle, once and for all, and find wholeness. And of course your growth will continue, however the feeling of ‘not being enough’ can absolutely be dissolved into complete self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth. Here is the key to your wholeness and authenticity and from that place, your decisions are empowered ones.

Whether you are new to this work or have been on the path for years, this program will provide you with the foundations to achieve a sense of wholeness. We teach you life-long skills, processes and practices for you to become the master of your self and life.


We all have a journey to take in order to connect with and express our true self, serve others through our soul purpose and reach our potential for a deeply fulfilled life. As we move into wholeness, authenticity arises. We feel safe to express who we are without the fear of judgement of others. We are connected to our desires, have the empowerment to speak our truth and to make choices which nourish, nurture and support us.

Alignment occurs when your soul, mind, heart and body are aligned. This is the result of the deep inner journey we support you in taking. Once you are in alignment, you can only create that which is aligned with your soul purpose, and life will flow. No more hesitation, self-doubt or delays, just effortless and joyful feminine manifestation with many synchronicities along the way.


Living in your feminine opens you up to love; first for self, and then for all others. It opens your heart for you to give and receive love more effortlessly. It also awakens your sensual nature. The key to experiencing more love in your current relationship or attracting in love is to find that wholeness within yourself, and to become the woman you need to be in order to attract the man you desire. As you do the inner work to heal your childhood wounds, more love becomes available to you.

This work assists you in becoming more attractive to men as men are attracted to their polarity of the feminine essence. As you awaken and embody your feminine essence, you’re able to maintain the spark and attraction that usually only lasts in the beginning of a relationship.

Intimacy on all levels increases as does your ability to feel loved and to love.