Tamika Hilder is the founder of Path of The Goddess and teaches seminars, workshops and retreats world wide. She is a leading authority on the topic of feminine mastery and has been an intuitive coach, teacher, writer and mentor for over thirteen years.

Tamika’s professional qualifications include: NLP, Life Coaching, Prenatal Psychology, Medical Intuition, Genome Healing, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K, Metaphysics, Kundalini Reiki and has personally studied Tantric Sacred Sexuality and Ancient Womb and Feminine Mysteries.

Her personal experience was of turning trauma into wholeness, fear into empowerment, suppression into liberation and darkness into light. Her embodied experience allows her to connect with a broad range of women and assist them in connecting with their true essence in order to fully shine and create the life they soul is destined for.


Carol Russell is a Path of the Goddess mentor, seminar facilitator and our Level 1 program manager. She has spent the last 4 years on a soul searching journey, embodying her feminine essence and learning the truth of who she really is. In addition she has spent nearly two years of that completing her mentor and facilitator training under the guidance of Tamika Hilder.

Carol is also a certified Reiki Master and is looking forward to rekindling her love dance and sharing that passion with others.

Her personal experience was of shedding ancestral patterns of fear, anxiety, self-hate and suppression and empowering herself to speak her truth and follow her souls path. Her deepest desire is to change the pattern for her children and all those who come after. She is passionate about working with and supporting women in uncovering their capacity for greatness so they can create a life they truly desire and deserve.


Your support team is a combination of both our trained and qualified Path of the Goddess Mentors as well as Goddess Graduates who wish to be of service.

As we take a maximum of 44 women into this program, our support team ranges from between 6 and 10 crew members depending on the day and process. Certain processes require us to hold a stronger container and therefore our crew numbers increase for that specific process.

You can be assured that the crew are trained and know exactly how to support you in ways which will create feelings of safety, love and support. We often hear from our Goddess Graduates how safe and loved they felt throughout the program and it is our commitment to maintain a high level of professionalism, love, support and safety.