Over 3 transformational days, we support you in diving deep into your self, and healing all that is in the way of what you desire. This is soul-deep work and will cause positive ripples into every area of your life…



Are You A Woman Ready To…

  • Awaken your divine feminine and create a soul-fulfilling life?
  • Cease the healing cycle and find wholeness once and for all?
  • Empower yourself with how to self-heal?
  • Heal past hurts and release what no longer serves you?
  • Open to more love in your present relationship or attract the right relationship in?
  • Increase your self-worth and potentially net-worth?
  • Heal past sexual abuse, or clear the blocks in your sacral area including shame or guilt around your sexuality?
  • Speak your truth, set boundaries or express your soul message?
  • Do business the feminine way and increase your leadership, influence and impact?
  • Tap into your soul purpose and create a life aligned with your soul’s highest calling?
  • Shed the external mask and begin living in a deeply connected, intuitive and authentic way?
  • Heal your tired and burnt out body and nourish your cells into vibrant health?
  • Heal birth trauma, or any issues surrounding fertility or your reproductive area?

This deep and transformational work in sacred feminine embodiment is the catalyst for an awakening into your whole, authentic, empowered self that brings you into 100% alignment with your soul, allowing you to create the relationships and life you desire.

I’m sure if you listen deeply enough, and quiet the busyness of your mind, you can hear a quiet longing. This longing is for something more, more, more.

Our ego has wants and desires, but if we go underneath the mind, you’ll hear the longings and desires of your heart. These whispers lead you to your soul.

These whispers are the experiences your soul needs in order to grow, evolve and fulfil it’s mission in this lifetime.

Are you listening? And if not, why not?

If you don’t listen to those whispers, either it’s because you’re disconnected and can’t hear them, or patterns of disempowerment, unworthiness or fear are getting in the way of you truly listening and loving yourself.

When we stop listening, we become unhappy. We then try to fill the void with external situations such as relationships, food, addictions, sex, fame, recognition, work and other external distractions and temporary highs.

Our life may be fairly ok, yet we feel something is missing.

Life stops flowing, there’s certainly no magic, and you know that you are not on your path or living your potential.

The ONLY solution…

Go within, listen and honour those whispers, and slowly but surely awaken the fire within to create the magical life your soul is destined for.

The inward journey is CRUCIAL as many women today have become accustomed to looking after everybody else or putting their work first and then becoming burnt out from living in an empty, disconnected from self, outward-focused, action-orientated, masculine state.


• Tired and burnt out or having adrenal issues
• Unfulfilled and feel like something is missing
• Experience PMS and/or fertility/reproductive issues
• Relationship issues (unable to attract the right partner or issues within your current relationship)
• Not living your potential or purpose
• Have done much personal development yet still don’t feel whole

Once you are connected with you, you are connected to your soul desires and longings, the whispers that guide you in your life and in your evolution. From here, you begin to communicate your boundaries, saying no to that which no longer serves you, and yes to the experiences that lead you towards the life your heart desires. This empowerment allows you to live life on your terms.

No longer do you settle for less than you deserve in ANY area of your life, but you have the empowerment to lovingly speak your truth, express your desires, and make choices which nourish your soul on every level.

Every woman has various intentions for attending our program. However as you move inwards and come home to your soul, all areas of your life change and transform for the better.

  • HEALING: physical, mental, emotional. Sense of wholeness from within.
  • TRANSFORMATION: soul-deep processes that support your soul in her evolution, embodiment and growth.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: As you heal the relationship with yourself deepening your self-love, you will learn to access and express your truth, and all other relationships benefit and deepen.
  • LOVE: As your love of self deepens, this naturally extends into being able to give and receive more love in all relationships. This will transform your present relationship or allow you to attract in that ideal partner your heart desires.
  • FULFILMENT & HAPPINESS: living a life aligned with your soul’s passion and purpose.
  • ABUNDANCE: Live your life with greater flow, ease and grace. This is what we call feminine manifestation. Learn to experience life as effortless as you release fear and control and align to your soul’s greater plan. Open to the magic that is possible!
  • EMPOWERMENT, SUCCESS AND MONEY: living your soul’s deepest truth with clarity, power and authenticity. Become the courageous Goddess that actions all she desires to allow her dreams to come true. This often leads to increased income as you know have the empowerment and self-worth needed to action those larger ideas and dreams.

Sally Matthews
Low self-worth,
emotional eating and
my life was full
of distractions


Denise Brew
From narcissism
to love and


Hanna Wyper
From self-hate,
bulimia and
to self-love


Kristie Ord
Found self-worth,
learned to say no,
and her business and
income exploded


Roxanne Hamlin
I’d seen psychologists,
psychiatrists and
counsellors with no


Clair Twaddle
I shed an entire
lifetime of religious


Sexually abused
by her father for
the first 5 years
of her life and
now feels free


Found a calling
to repeat the program
as found it to be such
a transformational


Karen Vuga
Found her
soul Path


Tracey Reid
Healed herself
of breast


From fear to
valuing her
healing gifts


Rachel Ward
For the first time
in my life,
I started feeling


Diane Harpin
I blamed my family
and my partner for
my unhappiness and
lack of energy


Sharron Lindley
Healing my adoption


A Man’s Perspective
On The Path of The Goddess
As Told By The Male Partners
of Our Goddess Graduates.


Until we connect to the love that we are within, we seek it externally and we give our power away in order to receive it.

Our society is filled with adult women walking around with unhealed inner children who are seeking love, approval and acceptance, until they learn how to give that love themselves and to realise the love they are.

This journey allows you to connect to all the unloved places within and to love them unconditionally into wholeness.

It allows you to source the love you seek from within and to feel the love within. Once you feel the love within, you’re able to love yourself unconditionally. This brings about a profound healing and sense of peace within. It then moves your psychology from the immature feminine to the mature feminine and eventually to the divine feminine.

Through self-love and with self-worth as your foundation, you put yourself and your needs first, and you begin to nurture, nourish and honour yourself. This creates a change in how others see you and treat you. Attracting in relationships which truly honour you starts with you honouring yourself.

Not only does this self-love create deeper and more loving relationships but allows you to flourish in your life through attracting and having the worth to say yes to life’s greater opportunities.

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8am – 8pm Friday.
8am – 9pm Saturday.
9am – 5pm Sunday.

Full Price: $1990
– If registration occurs within 2 months of the program
Early Bird Upfront: $1200 – If registration is paid in full outside of 2 months prior to the program
Earlybird Payment Plan: $1500 –  We have two payment plan options which need to be paid in full at least 2 months prior to the program.

Option 1: 3 x monthly payments of $500
Option 2: 5 x monthly payments of $300

This is a women’s only program. Age 18 and upwards only.

TO REGISTER:  Choose the calendar date you desire, then click ‘register now’ on the calendar and you will be guided to an online registration form. 

Below are our top FAQs-the questions women have before joining the Unleash The Goddess Within Program. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This path is about going inwards into the depths of your soul. The inner path will always deepen as we never truly ‘arrive’. The universe is in constant expansion as are we. Therefore, no matter how much work you’ve done, if you feel the desire to awaken your divine feminine and heal or expand further, then you will take so much from this program. Approximately 60% of the women who attend our program are women who have spent thousands on personal development and many years doing various programs; and they tell us the same thing every single time…”this is the deepest work I’ve ever done!”

This path is designed to get you connected with YOU! If you’ve done no work before, then this is a great place to start. This program is not about learning tricky techniques or information. It’s about embodied practices that you can take home with you and use on a daily basis. The practices are simple and easy to learn and will support you in the healing and growth you desire.

In addition, we will teach you how to have the self-awareness to recognise your patterns, wounds and limitations, and then the practices to clear them….yourself! This will become a way of life for you, and something you will continue to use throughout the rest of your life.

No we don’t. We run this program on the Gold Coast in Queensland and approximately a third to half of our attendees fly in from interstate, stay at the hotel we run the program at, and make it a long weekend for themselves away from the usual stresses of life. It’s actually easier to do this work when you’re in a new environment away from it all, as you get to really focus on yourself and go much deeper. Many of our ladies feel as though they are giving themselves a gift of self-love by flying in, and taking a few days for themselves.

The program starts Friday at 8am for registration and 9am to begin. The program finishes between 8-9pm Friday and Saturday and 5pm Sunday.

No. Any sharing is optional. However most women find that this is the SAFEST environment they have ever experienced and when they arrive, have no trouble sharing if they chose to. We arrive as strangers and leave feeling as a family.

The healing processes we guide you through are inward based processes rather than you verbalising what has occurred to you in your life. There will be opportunities to partner up throughout some of the processes and there will be brief interaction here, however all other group sharing is optional.

Our payment plans are flexible and we work around you. We’ve had women be very ‘creative’ in order to attend this program and then thank us for being so flexible with our payment plans. I’ve personally always found that when something is truly important enough for me, I find the money. This program benefits every single area of your life so its hard to put into words the value, but to us, this work is priceless. If you have the intuitive pull to attend, simply trust in that as your guidance is never wrong and there for a reason!

The cost depends on how much you value the results you will experience. It’s hard to put a price on self-love, empowerment, healing and soul connection as well as the ripple effects through your relationships and family, life purpose, health, happiness and entire life!

We find that women who ask enough in advance can always get time off work. We run this program several times a year. So there’s always time for you to do this program if you give your work enough notice.

This work helps you to be a better Mother, Partner and Woman! The patterns you will start to heal can also heal your children, especially the younger they are as you share a life-long bond and connection. As you heal yourself you help others around you to heal. This program and the time, money and energy you spend on attending only benefits your family.

One of our clients started the program with her son living on the streets, constantly getting in trouble with the Police and punching holes through the wall. Now, 12 months later, he has a job, is living at home and hugs and kisses her and buys her presents for Christmas! The only thing that has changed is the work she did on herself!

The cost includes the program itself and a program manual. Any additional expenses such as accommodation or food will be your personal expense.

We’ve seen relationship after relationship improve after this program. The more you heal yourself, the better partner, mother and human you become and the more love you are able to give and receive. We encourage you to share this page with your partner and have him watch the video, “A man’s perspective on The Path of the Goddess.” This video may ease their mind and give them another perspective of what they can expect. It is natural for partner’s to be concerned or anxious however if you truly wish to do this program and are called to do this, then we suggest you attend and follow your guidance. The more we commit to our self-love and our soul’s journey, the more we listen to our inner guidance and follow that.

Our minimum age is 18 and we’ve had women in almost every decade of life after that attend the program! If you have the desire to attend, trust in that! You are never too old. You will be growing and expanding until your very last breath so we can utilise every single experience to continue to grow until the very end.