This seminar is a 4 hour introduction to the healing program that is Path of The Goddess. This pathway assists you in reconnecting back with you, healing into wholeness and unleashing your full potential, so that you may step into your soul mission and create a relationship and life of fulfilment and purpose.

The five main areas we delve into within this program include:

1. SOUL PURPOSE: connecting to the very reason we are here and manifesting that for a life of fulfilment

2. AWAKENING THE DIVINE FEMININE ESSENCE: Reconnecting back to your creative, intuitive, sensual feminine powers that have the ability to ignite your passion, joy, connectedness in relationships and life and your manifestation power.

3. SOUL VOICE: Finding your voice again, and the power to express your truth, wisdom and your soul message. Opening this pathway for free, authentic expression.

4. EMBODIMENT: Feeling at home within your body and comfortable in your own skin. Healing the relationship to your body and re-creating the relationship with your body as a vehicle for your soul expression. Helping you to feel free, unhindered in your physical expression and body movement with free-flowing energy in your body. Learning to love your body as the temple it is and to see the physical as a sacred expression of your soul.

5: SELF-LOVE: Knowing how to nourish yourself on every level from cell to soul. Learning what supports and nurtures you so that you fall in love with who you are. This is the key to receiving love and attracting the love you desire. 


Soul Alignment: Wholeness, Fulfilment and Flow

This deep and transformational work in sacred feminine embodiment is the catalyst for an awakening into your whole, authentic, empowered self that brings you into 100% alignment with your soul, allowing you to create the relationships and life you desire.

I’m sure if you listen deeply enough, and quiet the busyness of your mind, you can hear a quiet longing. This longing is for something more.

More SUCCESS with less effort.
More supportive and authentic SISTERHOOD.
More, more, more…

Our ego has wants and desires, but if we go underneath the mind, you’ll hear the longings and desires of your heart. These whispers lead you to your soul.

These whispers are the experiences your soul needs in order to grow, evolve and fulfil it’s mission in this lifetime.

Are you listening? And if not, why not?

If you don’t listen to those whispers, either it’s because you’re disconnected and can’t hear them, or patterns of disempowerment, unworthiness or fear are getting in the way of you truly listening and loving yourself. 

When we stop listening, we become unhappy. We then try to fill the void with external situations such as relationships, food, addictions, sex, fame, recognition, work and other external distractions and temporary highs. Our life may be fairly ok, yet we feel something is missing.

Life stops flowing, there’s certainly no magic, and you know that you are not on your path or living your potential.

The ONLY solution…

Go within, listen and honour those whispers, and slowly but surely awaken the fire within to create the magical life your soul is destined for.

The Inward Embodied Journey

The inward journey is CRUCIAL as many women today have become accustomed to looking after everybody else or putting their work first and then becoming burnt out from living in an empty, disconnected from self, outward-focused, action-orientated, masculine state.

This is part of the reason the majority of women are:

  • Tired and burnt out or having adrenal issues
  • Unfulfilled and feel like something is missing
  • Experience PMS and/or fertility/reproductive issues
  • Relationship issues (unable to attract the right partner or issues within your current relationship)
  • Not living your potential or purpose
  • Have done much personal development yet still don’t feel whole

Once you are connected with you, you are connected to your soul desires and longings, the whispers that guide you in your life and in your evolution. From here, you begin to communicate your boundaries, saying no to that which no longer serves you, and yes to the experiences that lead you towards the life your heart desires. This empowerment allows you to live life on your terms.

No longer do you settle for less than you deserve in ANY area of your life, but you have the empowerment to lovingly speak your truth, express your desires, and make choices which nourish your soul on every level.

On this journey, I have had many moments which have turned into days, weeks, months and now years of living each day with beautiful feelings. These moments inspire my poetry and here is something I wrote that encapsulates the Path of The Goddess journey…

In Silence, I Go Within

In silence, I go within. I feel every cell of my body. I acknowledge how long since it’s been since love has flowed in the home of my body. Seeking love externally from others for so long. Craving, deeply desiring to be loved, to be held and filled with love. And I now give this to myself.

In silence, I go within. I feel every cell of my body. I feel the pain and the ecstasy that lies within. Without judgment I feel it all and allow it to be and to release under my loving embrace. I soften and open to all that I feel within. I dive into realms that I have not previously been brave enough to feel. And I keep diving, deeper and deeper into the toxicity that lies deep within my cells. Bringing the light of my heart to those dark, sludgy places. Cleansing them out with my loving light and awareness. I breathe deeply out and release all that no longer serves me.

In silence, I go within. I feel every cell of my body. I feel into the essence that I am made up of. I am the Mother of all creation, the creator of worlds. I feel deeply the earth and all life within my being and hold all life now sacred within me. I flow with divine nectar through my loins and allow this vibrancy to light the world. I am that I am; the divine goddess.

Tamika Hilder, Founder of Path of the Goddess

Self Love, Self-Worth & Choosing You

Until we connect to the love that we are within, we seek it externally and we give our power away in order to receive it.

Our society is filled with adult women walking around with unhealed inner children who are seeking love, approval and acceptance, until they learn how to give that love themselves and to realise the love they are.

This journey allows you to connect to all the unloved places within and to love them unconditionally into wholeness. 

It allows you to source the love you seek from within and to feel the love within. Once you feel the love within, you’re able to love yourself unconditionally. This brings about a profound healing and sense of peace within. It then moves your psychology from the immature feminine to the mature feminine and eventually to the divine feminine.

Through self-love and with self-worth as your foundation, you put yourself and your needs first, and you begin to nurture, nourish and honour yourself. This creates a change in how others see you and treat you. Attracting in relationships which truly honour you starts with you honouring yourself.

Not only does this self-love create deeper and more loving relationships but allows you to flourish in your life through attracting and having the worth to say yes to life’s greater opportunities.

Healing Into Wholeness

The cathartic and transformational practices assist you in fully healing your past, and clearing layers you are not even aware of, but that are hindering or limiting you on some level.

No matter what has occurred in your past, or no matter what you are carrying from ancestral programming or the collective, it CAN be healed so you can move on. Once the past is healed, we cease to repeat patterns in our present and this allows us to create the future we truly desire.

Soul alignment is a process of healing and clearing past limiting programs. This brings greater alignment within us and greater access of our true potential.

This healing and feminine mastery program allows you to clear out the past, release blocked emotion and trauma, clear the blocks and any other limiting programs from within your cellular memory. This work can have physical healing effects as the changes often happen from the inside out.

A Sacred, Intimate Relationship

The level of connection and intimacy you have with yourself, is the level of connection and intimacy you will be able to have with another.

The deeper you know yourself, the deeper intimacy (into-me-you-see) is able to be experienced.

The Path of The Goddess is founded in helping you to awaken your divine feminine essence. As a woman, wishing to experience a relationship with the masculine, polarity is crucial to keep the spark alive and to maintain and a loving connection on all levels within the relationship.

Women who have moved into their masculine either out of protection or simply from living in a patriarchal society and focusing more on their drive at work, may find it hard to attract a man that wants to support, adore and love her as her invisible wall of independence actually pushes the very thing she desires away from her.

Men are attracted to femininity. They are seeking the polarity of the feminine essence and this is what allows a man to be effortlessly drawn to you and to want to be that masculine presence in your life.

IF YOU ARE SINGLE and looking for love, this work will help you to attract in a partner that meets you at that soul level.

IF YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP this work will assist you in deepening the love and intimacy you already have or moving on from a relationship that is no longer serving you.

Either way, more love will be available to you through this work.

After 15 years of healing work and learning and teaching in the personal development work, I have not come across any other body of work or method that brings women home to knowing who they are, experiencing their own sacredness and divinity and then experiencing that in a loving partnership. This is truly sacred, beautiful work.


Due to thousands of years in a patriarchal society, there are few who truly understand the divine feminine energy let alone embody it.


In this half day event, you’ll discover:

  • Tamika’s 14 year healing journey of waking her own inner Goddess, and how she turned trauma into wholeness and the birth of this work.
  • Where the suppression of the divine feminine began and the result on our planet, relationships, health, money and power.
  • What is required to evolve in your psychology from the immature feminine, to mature feminine to the divine feminine
  • The 5 core relationship wounds that prevent and block love
  • Your healing pathway to evolve into your greatest potential and to have all that your heart desires
  • Experiential practices to heal the divine wounds, and awaken your sacred feminine essence


By the end of the day you will understand why the feminine energy is the key to….

  • Bringing you into wholeness
  • Ending the healing journey once and for all
  • Having you finally “get” that you are enough as you are
  • Increasing your income and abundance
  • Deepening and experiencing true emotional intimacy and authenticity
  • Allowing you to manifest with greater power and ease
  • Receiving all you desire
  • Healing burn out and fatigue
  • A level of fulfillment most women don’t even know is possible
  • Attracting your King or transforming your current relationship
  • Your ascension and enlightenment for those on the spiritual path
  • And birthing a new world!

This is the key for YOUR future evolution as a woman.



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Feminine consciousness is birthing a new paradigm on Earth

The feminine consciousness has been suppressed within both men and women for the last few thousand years on this planet. Qualities such as creativity, intuition, love, unity, compassion, collaboration, feeling and heart have been seen as less valuable in comparison to masculine qualities such as mind, logic, action, willpower, competition, linear structured planning, and physical strength.

The mind without heart is not balanced and we see this imbalance playing out in unsuccessful relationships, within the self and on Earth.

The result of the imbalance has resulted in emasculated men or men who abuse their power, women who have become more like men, or who are suppressed and disempowered.

This imbalance between masculine and feminine is the cause of the destruction occurring on and within the Earth. The feminine naturally wants to nurture her surroundings. The disconnection to the feminine has resulted in leaders who care not about creating a healthy eco-system for all species to live in harmoniously, but has led to a planet that is slowly dying. It is up to us to create change.

Our solution is to reconnect back to our feminine nature and to allow the feminine wisdom to lead creating solutions that are based in love, unity, collaboration and the highest good for all living beings. The world needs a new kind of leadership. I feel the feminine consciousness whether channeled through a man or a woman has the answers to a sustainable future and therefore am very passionate about this work.

We are expecting a large turnout being a free event, so please book early as we only have limited seats.


Tamika Hilder is the founder of Path of The Goddess and teaches seminars, workshops and retreats world wide. She is a leading authority on the topic of feminine mastery and has been an intuitive coach, teacher, writer and mentor for over thirteen years.

Tamika’s professional qualifications include: NLP, Life Coaching, Prenatal Psychology, Medical Intuition, Genome Healing, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K, Metaphysics, Kundalini Reiki and has personally studied Tantric Sacred Sexuality and Ancient Womb and Feminine Mysteries.

Her personal experience was of turning trauma into wholeness, fear into empowerment, suppression into liberation and darkness into light. Her embodied experience allows her to connect to a broad range of women and assist them in connecting with their true essence in order to fully shine and create the life they soul is destined for.