CAROL RUSSELL: South Brisbane, Australia

What was your life like before Path of The Goddess?

Despite my life appearing perfect on the outside and like I had everything I needed to be happy, I found myself empty. I was alive, but I wasn’t living. I was anxious, stressed out, joyless, disconnected from my sexuality, addicted to working and occupying myself with busyness. On weekends I drank (often too much) just to escape from the emptiness that I felt.

You see, all my life, I just felt like I wasn’t good enough. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not good at the things I ‘should’ have been good at. Because of this, even from a very young age, I did everything I could to keep everyone else happy, to make sure they liked me, accepted me and validated me. My greatest fear was that someone wouldn’t like me. I had no capacity to love myself so I needed others to do it for me. Every decision I made came from a place of needing to ‘fit-in’—to society, to other people’s expectations and needs.

I played it safe, I said ‘no’ to everything, I feared speaking my truth or asking for what I really felt I needed out of fear of upsetting people. I was bullied, manipulated, taken advantage of and I never once thought that it was ok to stand up for myself. Like somehow I deserved it because “I wasn’t good enough”, or “I must have done something wrong”.

All of my value was in my work, so that’s what I focused on. That’s where I felt I was somewhat useful, where maybe I could prove to myself and others that I was worth something. Work disguised this deeper sense of unworthiness. I was left feeling exhausted, emotionless and lost.

I began my journey into self discovery just over 4 years ago when found myself in a place where I simply didn’t know who I was anymore, I didn’t know how I got to where I was, I didn’t know what it was I wanted, I didn’t even know why I was here. I just knew that something needed to change.

And that was when I reached out to Tamika, who I had met many years before and knew for just a short period of time. With no idea of why her name came to mind, I tracked her down and gave her a call.

What attracted you to this path?

Quite simply for me the path was a way to come back to myself, my truth, my purpose and passion. Things that I had been missing for so long. The path was challenging and I knew that was exactly what I needed. Somehow I knew that stepping out of my comfort zone was going to change my life. Even though it would be hard, I knew it would be worth it.

What’s changed in your life since you started the Path of The Goddess?

  • EVERYTHING in my life has changed! AND continues to change!
  • I have a clear purpose and direction for my life that I am excited about and actively working on every day. Opportunities are opening up all the time and the perfect people are arriving just when I need them.
  • I am listening to my own inner voice and trusting its guidance.
  • I have an amazing relationship with a man who is on the same path. We are deeply aligned and are constantly learning and growing together.
  • I have a growing relationship with my son where we can have open honest conversations about how we feel and what is REALLY going on in our lives. I am teaching him to express himself and build his ability to love himself fully.
  • I have learned to feel and express my emotions in a healthy way.
  • I am getting in touch with my sexuality and shedding the shame and guilt that has always been associated with that.
  • I have made choices around work that allow me more time for myself and my family.
  • I love my body and finally have started treating it with love and respect.
  • Anxiety and stress are almost non-existent and I say YES to everything that serves me and NO to the things that don’t serve me.
  • I still have fear—and I know I always will—but it doesn’t stop me anymore!!!

Why did you decide to become a mentor and why are you so passionate about it?

The work had such a huge impact on me in so many ways. So why wouldn’t I want to share it with everyone.

As I embarked on the journey to loving myself fully my purpose became clear. I came to learn that I, like most women, had suppressed far deeper wounds that stemmed from many places, but for me it was the wounds of women before me that held the greatest pain. The depth of my unworthiness became very clear and I could see the pattern in my family, in my ancestors and in my own son. It breaks my heart to see so many of my own limiting beliefs playing out in his life too.

I just want to be able to help women to tap into the truth of how incredibly powerful and beautiful they really are.

And now, this is why I do this work—to change the lives of the women who came before me, the women who will come after me and mostly so that the pattern stops here. It simply must not continue to the generations to come.

What are your strengths as a mentor?

I feel like just embodying and truly living this work every single day is my strength. I understand and can empathise with women’s struggles no matter what their story or where they have come from. I am intuitive and trust my guidance when working with women so it feels like an easy process for me. And I am absolutely in LOVE with what I do!

Besides everyone, what kind of women do you love to work with and tend to attract?

I really do just want to work with all women. I used to feel like I wanted to work with women who had similar experiences to me, but as I have moved through this journey I have realized that regardless of what they have been through ALL women are seeking a very similar thing—to just live authentically as themselves. And everyone deserves to live a life of abundance!

What are your other qualifications/previous career path/specialty/uniqueness?

  • Reiki Master
  • 10 years experience in Business Analysis
  • Diploma of project management and certified associate in project management; over 4 years experience in Project Management
  • Advanced diploma of financial services and financial planning

If someone wants to work with you, how would they do that?

I offer both face-to-face sessions in South Brisbane as well as phone/zoom (similar to Skype) sessions. Please contact me for the address.

I am a Level 1 Path of The Goddess Mentor (more information on what this means can be found here) therefore my coaching packages and pricing is:

Casual Session – $100 per hour

6 Hour Bronze Package – $480 ($80 per session)

12 Hour Silver Package – $840 ($70 per session)

18 Hour Gold Package – $1080 ($60 per session)

All Coaching sessions are 1 hour long and the packages must be paid up front. 

You can book your casual coaching session or purchase a coaching package by clicking the booking button at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, If you would prefer to chat with me first to feel into our alignment, you are welcome to book a free 30 minute discovery session. To book either please click the booking button below.

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