Founder and Visionary of Path of The Goddess | Creator | Inspirational Speaker | | Healer | Teacher | Goddess | Mother

Pushing the edge of what is possible in the evolution of humanity, her teachings support people in awakening to who they truly are, to their potential and to the power they innately have within to create their life. She is the founder of the Path of The Goddess and has taught her programs to thousands of people around Australia and in Bali. Her experience as an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher span over a decade. The underlying intention of her work is to heal the suppression of the feminine consciousness, support the awakening of the Divine Feminine allowing unity consciousness within and without.

Early Stages

I started out doing a Bachelor of Music Theatre. There I indulged in the creative and expressive part of me. From there I trained as a Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer and worked in the fitness industry. Seeing the blocks in my clients, I wanted to study further to understand the mind-body connection. With my own health issues and depression at the time, this motivated me to heal, and I became qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Life Coaching, Psych-K, Hypnobirthing, Prenatal Psychology, Medical Intuition, Genome Healing, Reiki and eventually Kundalini Reiki from my current Grandmaster teacher in Bali. These studies took place over a 5 year period.

With each course, I evolved from from the physical side to the mental and emotional aspects of wellness. I moved from fitness into coaching with an emphasis on emotional healing. I ran a Holistic Pilates Studio for 2 years in Brisbane with education on the Mind-Body connection for my clients. Losing the passion for the physical side of wellness, I moved to the Gold Coast and started a business called Empowered Birth Australia, became the founding vice-president of the Prenatal Education Association of Australia and started speaking to Universities and midwives on Prenatal Psychology. Here my articles began to get published both nationally and internationally.

Three years of that field and the Universe seemed to move me back into the fitness world but from a Holistic perspective.

I rebranded my business to the Holistic Wellness Coaching Institute, phased out my birth trauma healing work and Hypnobirthing courses and my 1 on 1 coaching business took off.

I created a method called Think Your Body Slim which healed the underlying causes of weight, food and body image issues, evolved it to become a practitioner training and then did a lot of speaking for fitness conferences on that topic. It was a very successful business.

I did that for a few years while running my wellness clinic on the Gold Coast until my soul started calling me into something different.

Career Evolution

By this time, I had learned about consciousness, metaphysics, the law of attraction, and quantum mechanics and my worked evolved into more soul healing work with an emphasis on spiritual teachings. I could see how disconnected people were from who they truly were and how disempowered they were. I had guidance to create the Life Mastery and Self Mastery Program in order to assist people in mastering their lives and self-healing. I taught these programs across Australia, branching out nationally and creating a name for myself through the process. The seminars were successful, helped over 10 ooo people and we saw miracle healings at our Self Mastery Retreat during that time.

After healing some of my own wounds related to the divine feminine and for the first time feeling a sense of wholeness, I felt connected to my own soul fully for the first time and this took my career in a totally different direction. I started to create a new program to assist women in finding the same level of self-worth, wholeness and empowerment that I had found. And this was how the Path of the Goddess was birthed.

My intention currently is to spread this message as far and wide as I can as I believe it will bring great healing to women and their families.

My Personal Journey

I feel it’s necessary and also very helpful for you to know where I have personally come from. My professional qualifications are many, my success large, yet that tells you nothing about my soul. I used to think that in order to be professional, I needed to keep my personal feelings separate. I have realised how boxed in this can make you and strip you of your ability to express your complete self.

This work is very personal, it’s deep, and I feel it’s important for me to share very honestly with you who I am.

First of all, I am deeply spiritual. I was born into this world with a mission to raise the collective consciousness. I carried memories in my soul of a world filled with love, harmony and peace.

Growing up, I felt isolated, alone and very different. I struggled being on this planet and I found it hard to relate to humans and the way they treated Earth, animals and each other.

I felt there was depth missing in the way people communicated and connected and humanity had forgotten that all life was sacred. Being an empath, i felt so much of other’s energies yet had no idea that this was what was happening or how to deal with this gift.

I just “knew” it could be different here. And i knew I was here for a big reason. However, before I could fully step into my purpose of healing others on a global scale, my journey was to heal myself. I later realised that healing myself was really the only responsibility I had, and the best way to help others also.

As a teenager, I looked for love from my relationships. I experienced bulimia, driven by my self-hate and inability to feel or express my emotions. Various addictions were a way to numb my pain and escape reality. Once i healed those issues, my career became a way for me to numb myself. I lived in my head, driven by my intellect and didn’t even realise I was completely disconnected from my body, my feelings, my heart and my true self.

Many years of coaching and mind-based certifications had me become very knowledgable. However, this didn’t heal me. My negative self-image remained, my feeling of unfulfilment and at times depression, and my health issues remained. So I knew there were deeper layers to go.

Eventually, after about 9 years of various healing work and qualifications, helping others and creating a successful business, I slowly started feminine work. There came a time where I was drawn to it and intuitively knew it was the next step.

This took me down the path of Tantra (teachings that helped me to realise that my sexual energy is my sacred life-force to be cherished, honoured and respected rather than something to be ashamed about or to feel dirty about and once I learned to channel this energy could use it for greater health and healing), sacred sexuality, feeling, coming into my body, womb clearing, deep listening and honouring, having personal tantric body work sessions and receiving complete healing and clearing of the sexual abuse that I carried within my womb.

I have my teacher in Bali to thank as he has had the biggest influence in my life and in my understanding of Love. Through his traditional initiations, my chakras were cleansed, purified and opened.

Deep unworthiness from the abuse, had caused me to attract relationships that were either not suitable for me, never lasted long, or were not loving or nurturing to me, despite them wanting to be. I felt a constant deep sadness in my heart about never having the love I craved. I felt angry that I gave so much love out as a healer and yet never seemed able to attract the love my heart so deeply craved.

This underlying disempowerment had been affecting my work in that my expression and authenticity were constricted.

I then came across extremely embodied teachers on the womb wisdom path and they supported me in a deeper embodiment of my soul.

The sacred feminine healing pathway opened up so much within me and truly set me free. It put me onto my divine pathway and allowed me to really embody ME!  The trauma cleared from my body, my heart opened and I stepped fully into my gifts and into my purpose on the planet more than ever before…but this time with femininity! The strong, pushy and forceful masculine Tamika who found it hard to connect deeply had dissolved. My armour, protection and guards were gone! And i was able to connect with the world in a whole new feminine way. It felt amazing and i felt like i’d come home.

I cannot explain how transformative this journey has been for me. It’s been huge. If you knew me 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago, you would have seen me as a very strong, independent woman, driven by focused masculine energy. This was the front and mask that protected my sensitive, feminine self. This mask created my success, and at the time, i created a half a million dollar business living this way but eventually burnt myself out. At the pinnacle of my so called “success”, I was exhausted and had nothing left. Deep down I was not happy.

So layer by layer and with the assistance of the right support and relationships, I opened up to all the parts of my little girl that felt weak, terrified, vulnerable, wounded, traumatised and disempowered.

I wanted to feel strong from the inside. I wanted to feel peace. And I wanted to feel worthy.

So piece by piece, I loved these aspects of me into wholeness.

I became a woman.

This was why I created the Path of the Goddess; with a healing pathway to evolve from the Immature feminine to the mature feminine and eventually to the divine feminine. This has been my exact journey. Every woman i share this with resonates so I knew I was only something experienced by the collective feminine consciousness.

Breath by breath, I learned how to surrender and have Shakti flow through my entire body. Some of my most spiritual experiences have been through my sexual experiences because I felt complete universal love flowing through every part of me. My heart was opened so wide, I had no idea I could feel that much love. It has been incredible learning how to feel and receive pleasure.

This awakened my inner Goddess.

When I began my spiritual journey, I went looking for spirituality and myself outside of my body. I searched in books, courses, teachers and techniques. The sacred feminine pathway has taught me to come IN to my body and into my sexuality and to merge that with my soul and with the divine. The more I’ve gone within, the more I’ve been able to heal and release and subsequently the more Love I’ve been able to feel, give, receive and be.

I basically learnt how to feel. It sounds easy but it’s a journey! The more we feel the more we heal. It’s been my path and what I now teach women and since teaching this, I’ve seen women experience the same deep and life-changing transformations as I have had. Ten times deeper than what I used to teach. The embodiment path is the only path to our soul; it’s the way home.

The path of the sacred feminine is a path of embodiment and as a result I came into alignment within myself; body, mind, heart and soul. First through a period of deep introspection and inward connection, and then through releasing all that no longer served me.

The space i created in my heart and life allowed all that I truly desired to flow in!

My business exploded as I had people signing up to programs without much effort on my behalf. The flow, abundance and effortless within my manifestation went to a level that I had always known were possible but had never experienced.

My relationships deepened as i expressed my true self. I felt closer to friends and family and was able to feel greater love.

The journey took me deep into myself and into greater union with myself, which is a life-long evolutionl I had always craved ‘divine union’ with a partner, yet what my soul was actually craving was divine union with myself.

From that place of self-love and union, I met my soul mate. This relationship brought more layers to the surface and after another intense journey and more self-healing (the layers don’t end!), we eventually came together into a beautiful place of harmony and started our family. Our son was conceived in Egypt while we were on a very spiritual and sacred retreat on the night of visiting the Isis Temple; the same lineage that a lot of my work comes from and the journey continues from there!

What this work taught me was that I could have everything my soul desired if i was prepared to go deep enough within myself and feel and release all the layers that were not love. And if i did that, all that i desired eventually flowed into my life. It didn’t always look like what i initially had planned, but surrendering to the divine plan showed me that there was a joy and fulfilment waiting for me on the other side. And when i trusted this, i was blessed with a very beautiful life! So this is now what i desire to share with women in this work and feel very honoured and blessed to be able to do so.