Path of the Goddess 1 on 1 Intuitive Coaching will get straight to the core of the issue and support you in an individualised way to achieve what you desire. Our sessions are offered either face to face or over the phone or Zoom (similar to Skype).

We all need support on our journey. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that we all have blind spots no matter how much work we’ve done. Having a mentor to support you in seeing what you can’t see as well as guiding you towards your own intuitive and empowered truth will enable you to release, clear, heal and grow much faster.


• Emotional Healing
• Releasing Trauma
• Relationship Challenges
• Attracting in Love
• Healing Sexual Trauma, Shame, Guilt
• Releasing the Past
• Soul Embodiment

• Clearing Limiting Beliefs & Creating Your Ideal Future
• Grief and Loss
• Fulfilment, Life Purpose, Career
• Self-Worth, Wholeness and Empowerment
• Health Challenges especially the rebalancing and healing of your feminine reproductive organs
• Feminine flow and manifestation

The method we use is called The Holistic Clearing Method and was developed by Tamika Hilder after over a decade of learning coaching and healing modalities. An amalgamation of all her past qualifications and personal experience, she found this method to be the fastest, and most simple approach to clear the blocks and embody the soul.

The blocks are often emotional wounds, beliefs and patterns created either from childhood, traumatic or stressful past situations, birth, the prenatal experience including conception, past life or passed down the ancestral lineage.

These deeply seated patterns play out in our current life, filtering our present experiences, and limit how much of our soul we can access and embody.

Your task is not to seek for love, your task is to seek and find all the barriers you have built within yourself against it.” Rumi

Rumi’s quote sums up the essence of this method and our approach.

We believe that your soul; a spark of Divine Love, contains the blueprint for your life’s purpose, as well as your natural born talents, gifts and potential. The more layers of programming and wounding we release, the more we are able to feel and connect with our true self; our soul.

The more we connect to our soul, the more we know our truth and purpose in life. Life becomes clear. Answers become known and empowerment and self-love develop.

We know that you already have all the answers within you. However it’s fear and other wounds preventing you from connecting to and expressing your intuitive knowing. The more you embark on this pathway, the more you will awaken your intuition and internal wisdom and align to your soul’s truth and pathway.

It’s also these same blocks that prevent you from creating what it is your heart desires. These blocks will attract into your life similar situations and patterns for you to experience until you learn the lesson and clear that block. It’s one way our soul grows; through challenges. Through our method, we will help you delve into the root cause rather than just deal with symptoms. It is for this reason our approach is quite transformational as we support you in healing the cause.

In addition, these blocks create internal voids that we try to fill with external means such as addictions, busy-ness, work, relationships, power, status and other external distractions. Often it is these external distractions that become a problem however these are only the surface layer; the symptom. As we delve deeper into the cause, you’ll find a wound, or a part of your inner child that needs to be seen, heard and loved.

Through this internal process of unconditional self-love, you develop and heal the relationship with your self, your inner child and other aspects of your self. As this relationship improves, all other relationships improve.

As you learn to love yourself, and heal these deeper wounds, your ability to give and receive love increases, positively affecting all relationships. So this work, although it’s centred on your inward journey, will positively ripple outwards into all areas of your life from relationships to money and career, supporting you in living in alignment to your soul’s truth and pathway.

Coach Levels 

There are 3 levels that a Path of The Goddess Mentor can reach. These levels depend on the numbers of hours they have coached thus reflect their level of experience. The table below shows the pricing for each level.

Level 1 Coach