Is ready to be fully empowered, experienced wholeness and manifest her soul mission.

Desires to create a sacred, intimate relationship.

Is ready to evolve into her potential as a sensual woman embodying the divine feminine energies,
living her life in a state of flow, ease and grace.

Unleash The Goddess Within is a live 3 day transformational program. Through our soul-deep processes, you will clear the deeper blocks and reconnect to your true self, self-worth and empowerment to move forward and create the love and life you desire.

This deep and transformational work in sacred feminine embodiment is the catalyst for an awakening into your whole, authentic, empowered self that brings you into 100% alignment with your soul, allowing you to create the relationships and life you desire.

The most common feedback we hear from our Goddess Graduates is, “I feel like I’ve come home to my soul and have been looking for something like this for years!” No matter how much or how little personal or spiritual development work you’ve done, this program will take you into the depths within yourself and awaken you to the magic you have within.

Women of all ages and backgrounds share their stories of healing, wholeness and transformation
as a result of our Unleash The Goddess Within Program.

Kristie Ord
Found self-worth,
learned to say no,
and her business and
income exploded


Kristy Pillinger
Opening her heart
and re-kindled the
love with her husband


Karen Vuga
Found her
soul Path


We recommend that you begin with our signature program, Unleash The Goddess Within as it is foundational to this path. However, we also have other services to support you on your healing and soul embodiment journey.


Book a 1-on-1 session with one of our qualified Path of the Goddess Mentors. In this session, they will support you to access the root cause of your present challenge, block or issue in order to heal and clear it. Sessions can help with emotional healing, grief and loss, lacking fulfilment or feeling depressed; self-worth and empowerment, relationship challenges, career, direction and soul purpose, and health challenges especially the rebalancing and healing of your feminine reproductive organs.


In our 2 hour women’s circle, we explore different topics each week that relate to female empowerment, soul embodiment, healing and awakening.

Our circles are a safe and sacred space to be seen and heard, connect with other like-minded women on the same journey, and to connect with yourself, heal and continue growing.


Become certified in the Holistic Clearing Method, a modality created out of Tamika Hilder’s 15 years of studying a variety of different modalities.

This method helps a client to get to the root cause of a present issue and heal and transform in deep and lasting ways.

This modality supports the client in connecting with their own inner guidance and the embodiment of their soul.